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Apttus X-Author

X-Author is a bi-directional Excel UI for Dynamics CRM using unlimited entities simultaneously

X-Author is a complete bi-directional Excel user interface for Dynamics CRM, including existing workbooks! X-Author by Apttus takes Excel integration to a new level. And with X-Author’s incredible mapping, you can even use existing, complex multi-tab workbooks against Dynamics CRM, so you can turn standalone Excel workbooks into enterprise applications. X-Author drives increased adoption and is the most efficient way to work in Dynamics CRM - for business, operations, and admin users. Use Excel to update opportunities, assign leads, create quotes, upload data, and much more.

  • Create and update Dynamics CRM records from Excel in real-time
  • Use any Excel format including forms, lists, and matrices
  • Update data across entire object hierarchies in one click
  • Use any macro without users having to execute them
  • Work offline
  • Save Excel workbooks as Attachments to any record
  • Build logic and calculations in Excel and use results in Dynamics CRM
  • Apply all Dynamics CRM permissions and rules in Excel, including picklists

X-Author is also a powerful data loader. Easily create, retrieve, update, delete, and upsert data. Build your own Applications in minutes with point-and-click convenience – no coding necessary.