Archive for Dynamics 365


Archive Dynamics or Dataverse data to Microsoft Azure or local SQL and view directly on native forms

Archive for Dynamics 365

Deploying a Microsoft Power App or a Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement Application to the cloud requires usage of Microsoft Dataverse storage. With data added from month to month and with limited options to control Dataverse capacity, organizations have to accept high database maintenance costs in order to remain compliant with data retention policies mandated by relevant regulations (e.g. GDPR).
With Archive for Dynamics 365 solution from Ariverse, not frequently used data is filtered and archived to Azure or on-premise SQL database. This transfer is happening in the background without any interruption in the performance of the production environment. The archived data is visible to end users from within standard Customer Engagement and Microsoft Power Apps forms.


Archive for Dynamics 365 solution from Ariverse brings the following benefits to organizations:
  • Reduce costs related to Microsoft Dataverse capacity
  • Improve performance by reducing database size
  • Remain compliant by maintaining customers' data over time
  • Maintain user experience at high levels providing access to historic data through standard Customer Engagement forms

Start with Archive for Dynamics 365

If you recognize some of the above-mentioned pain points and you think your organization will benefit from implementing Archive for Dynamics 365 solution, Ariverse team will be available to provide additional information. Contact us at for any question you might have or request a demo of the solution and schedule next steps.


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