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NuSoft Solutions

5.0 (1)

Data visualization on a map. A sales dashboard to create a driving route for their appointments.

Map allows users to view data visually on a map.  It is a sales dashboard that offers users the functionality to create a driving route for their appointments for a specific date. Each entity is displayed with a different icon on the map and all views that are currently being displayed on the map are listed under "Views Displayed."


  • Ability to see records with latitude and longitude data on a map
  • Viewing entity records on a map
  • Routing driving directions
  • Capability to load more than one view on map and views from different entities at the same time
  • Displaying custom as well as system views 
  • Showing territorial alignment enabling customers to be added to a marketing list by circling them
  • Allows you to reassign records by selecting region
  • Ease of scheduling appointments by simply selecting a pin