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Automatized VAT (spanish IVA) to manage offers, orders and invoices by products or operations type

Despite all the advantages offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales module, VAT calculation (IVA) in the Spanish market still is an annoying, boring and repetitive task. With AWERTY's plugin inclusIVA, available for Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics CRM Online, you'll be able to automatize this process and make it quicker. Stop wasting your time and let us simplify your work. With inclusIVA you will get automatized VAT control when managing offers, orders and sales invoices, categorized by product or operation kind. It can be easily adapted to any possible change in regulations and it includes equivalence surcharges management. Also, it will allow you to manage service provision throughout the European Union, Canary Islands and outside the EU, goods delivery in EU and Canary Islands and exportations. Detailed functions:
  • Automatized VAT calculation according to product kind.
  • Multiple VAT types (reduced, general, etc) management in your offers, orders and sale invoices.
  • Easy actualization to any possible regulation change.
  • Equivalence surcharge managing.
  • You can disaggregate the tax in your offers, orders and generated invoices forms.
Sign up and enjoy our free 30-day trial version. When that time is over, you'll see that you can no longer work without inclusIVA.