Account Based Marketing for Dynamics

by Azalead

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Account-Based Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Azalead is a leading international platform for Account Based Marketing. Hundreds of Enterprise B2B companies including Microsoft, IBM and BNP Paribas rely on Azalead to drive more awareness, engagement and revenue with target accounts.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a discipline based on understanding buyer behavior and engaging a specific set of accounts with timely, relevant and personalized communications.

With Azalead, you can sense buying signals on your website and engage target accounts through account based website personalization and advertising. Sales reps get sales intelligence on their target accounts so they can close deals faster.

Azalead is powered by patent pending account sensing technology and integrates with complementary sales and marketing software including, MS Dynamics CRM, Marketo, Pardot, ClickDimensions, Hubspot and Oracle Eloqua.

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