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Calendar 365 - Custom Activity, Marketing, Customers, Group Ca...


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Streamline your operational activities with a well-designed Dynamics CRM Calendar 365.

Dynamics CRM Calendar helps you to manage all your CRM activities and view them in calendar format. It also enables the CRM users to go through different activities and view them based on different timelines including day, day span, week, and month formats. The plugin is flexible enough to let the CRM users schedule and reschedule activities through effortless drag and drop option. If you are looking for a Dynamics CRM based plugin that gives you a bird’s eye view of you and your team members’ tasks then Calendar 365 is the right choice.

What Challenges Does Calendar 365 Overcome?

  1. Manage your time and activities smartly as Calendar 365 notifies you through timely reminders and emails of all the important deadlines.
  2. Manage your and your team members’ productivity with our Dynamics calendar 365 by overviewing their day-to-day activities right from the calendar.
  3. Better task management with the customization of tasks as per their type or priority.

Product Features

  • Users can create and manage activities like tasks, appointments, phone calls, service and campaign activities, etc in this Dynamics CRM Calendar Add-On.
  • Manage Custom Activities on Calendar
  • Users can manage all the unscheduled activities effortlessly from the calendar itself.
  • Users can keep track of service activities of your company equipment like laptops, headsets, mobile phones, etc. using Dynamics calendar.
  • Get a timely reminder of the activity through notification as well as email before the start of the activity.
  • Customize the look of the activity in the calendar through admin settings through our Dynamics CRM Calendar plugin.
  • Drag and Drop activity to reschedule day and time of the activity.
  • View customer activities related to opportunities, leads, cases, quotes, sales orders, and invoice modules.
  • View all the activities in multiple view formats including List view, Gantt view, Timeline view, Top Down view, and Agenda view.
  • View list of activities in grid format.
  • Perform actions as such copy, export to CSV-excel-pdf and print activities.
  • Reassign user/team of particular activity directly from the calendar itself.
  • Print the activity calendar for any of the selected view formats.
  • Get a list of all upcoming events based on time span selected.
  • Convert activities to case and opportunity directly from calendar.
  • Convert email activities to lead.
  • Multi Language Support
  • Set a Default Calendar
  • Customer Calendar
  • Priority/Status wise color of activities
  • Display dynamic Entity Title for activities
  • Search activity by Subject, Regarding and Description

If you want to be more specific and centered to your business needs, you can send us your requirements and we will get you the solution that matches all your business objectives.