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Quick Maps - Manage Routes, Territory & Field Service on Bing Map


5.0 (3)

Boost your sales by visualizing sales data on a map with our Dynamics CRM Mapping plugin

Quick Maps is a diligently developed plugin that offers Dynamics CRM data visualization on the map with multi-language support. It helps CRM users to envision Dynamics CRM data on Map and plot different records. With this plugin, Dynamics CRM users can get detailed information about their market geography and prospect locations. The Heat Map feature enables them to understand the regions where most of their customers are located. Quick Maps also supports native Dynamics 365 App for phones and tablets.

Product Features

  • Geo-Analytical Dashboard: Quick Maps provides three predefined dashboards for various sales and service modules based on user roles and mapped entity. These dashboards provide users with an overview of the daily and monthly team activities.
  • Territory Management: Create territories in a few simple steps from the map by region, drawing, and shapefile. You can also select multiple regions to create one territory. Not only create but also assign these territories right from the map to your team members.
  • Map Your Data: Plot multiple CRM entities on the Map using our Dynamics CRM Map Integration. You also get the summary of your plotted records on the map. Additionally, you can generate heat maps with more records.
  • Filter Data: You can filter the data based on the region, drawing, sales territories, or category. Additionally, the user can also find nearby records with Concentric Proximity Search.
  • Action Buttons: Perform necessary CRM actions directly with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mapping Plugin using associated action buttons with the detailed record view.
  • Save map templates and locations: Save your mapping configurations and locations in Quick Maps so that you don’t have to go through the whole process again. Saved locations or configurations are easily accessible and can be manipulated based on the requirement. You can also get the POI locations based on the current location.
  • Data Grid: Access all records easily with the data grid of Quick Maps. You can navigate to CRM, change the owner of the record, manage territory for a record, export data in excel and pdf format, print data, copy or delete a record. Moreover, you can filter the data grid as well.
  • Advanced Category Search: Create a category/attribute specific view of multiple plotted entities on Dynamics CRM map integration. Understand the core reason behind the success and failures of your strategies for your organization using this advanced category search.
  • Security Templates: Create security templates to regulate the actions on CRM records from our map integration. Give access of the necessary actions to your on-field sales reps like send email, proximity search, add appointment, add task, etc. Easily assign such templates to CRM records in bulk for secured actions.