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Blackfin Cloud Services

KryptoTrak - For those who take Blockchain and Crypto Seriously

KryptoTrak is cloud-based software built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, and is designed to provide comprehensive tracking of analytical information around the Blockchain and Crypto Currency universe. The software is for organizations and people that take blockchain technology seriously. Modules Include:
  • Projects. ICO’s, classic coin releases, private and hybrid blockchain projects are supported, as well as multiple analyses per project. The people and organizations are placed in the proper context in relationship to the projects they support, providing the serrious analyst with the information they need to make good decisions. Teams are tracked and scored for a rolled-up T-Score per project.
  • Compliance. For ICO’s, Jurisdictions and Compliant Actions, such as SEC and business filings as well as audits add rich detail to Project tracking and allow analysts and potential investors to make good decisions.
  • Coins/Tokens. Important data points are supported, such as the symbol, USD value, masternode status, total supply, platform, as well as links to the community forums, such as BitcointTalk, Telegram and Discord.
  • Holdings and HODL. Holdings are a way for the crypto investor to track the assets they possess, and HODL is a roll-up of all holdings. Tracking a sale from a holding automatically deducts the amount of the sale from the current holding of the current coin/token. Public addresses can be tracked against People and Organizations that your company has transacted with for transparency.
  • Mining. Kryptotrak supports the tracking of information around mining rigs and operations, including the calculation of profitability based on power consumption. The cost of mining components can be tracked for rigs that rely on multiple components, such as GPU mining rigs. Costs roll up to show total cost of the rig when tracking components. Mining logs can be imported from standard wallet outputs, which then automatically create Holdings for the given
  • Masternodes. For those interested in masternode coins, it’s possible to track important information around masternodes assets, and categorize them according to your level of interest, such as “Of Interest”, “Purchasing”, or “Rejected.” Holdings are related to masternodes so that the masternode investor can instantly see and report on the profitability of the masternode.
  • Exchanges, Listings and Arbitrage. With Kryptotrak, it’s possible to track exchange listings, as well as arbitrage opportunities, where a given coin can be bought and sold on two
  • Skills and Experience. Both ICO investors, as well as project managers can track the skills and experience of project team members, providing analytical and actionable information.