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Boomerang Intelligent SMS

Boomerang I-Comms Limited

Intelligent SMS messaging solution driving CRM automation

Our SMS plug-in for MS Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premises provides quick and easy access to a range of messaging solutions:

· ‘Intelligent’ 2-way messaging – Patented technology that tracks and matches all responses with outbound messages for workflow automation

· 2-Way campaign messaging – Using a long or short SMS number associated to a CRM queue to manage responses

· 1-Way broadcast messaging – Using a configurable message originator (e.g. your company name)

· 1-Way campaign messaging – End user initiated campaigns using a long or short SMS number

The plug-in provides access to manual sending via the Activity entity and slots seamlessly into the CRM workflow builder, allowing our range of messaging solutions to be implemented according to your specific business needs. Crucially, when used within CRM workflows you will have the ability to automate many of the day to day business processes that involve communication with distributed staff, agents or employees.


· Introduce automated workflows into CRM using SMS to reduce admin burden;

· Automate management of Service Activities – reduce ‘no shows’;

· Increase the longevity and value of Dynamics CRM software;

  • Extend CRM engagement to any mobile device;

· Quick and simple installation as a managed solution;

· Optimise customer engagement using most effective communication channel;

  • Reduce operational overheads.

Example Uses

Service Activities

  • Schedule an activity (booking or appointment)

· Send SMS confirmation – ‘Reply 1 to Cancel or 2 to re-arrange’

  • Re-issue new time slot where re-arranged
  • Reallocate cancelled slots to waiting list

Case Management

  • Allocate inbound SMS number to a Queue
  • Advertise SMS number (e.g. Text ‘Help’ to 80800)
  • End user sends message to SMS number
  • Workflow allocates SMS enquiry to agent

Ad-Hoc engagement

  • Manually create SMS or SMS activity
  • Send message to designated recipient(s)
  • Replies matched to the originating outbound message
  • Replies automatically pushed to an email address

Intelligent 2-way messaging for CRM

Intelligent 2-way messaging is all about driving real-time automation into business communication workflows, using a recipient’s response