Evo 365 Fundraising

by Chorus

Cloud-based accelerator delivering fundraising & donation management functionality in Dynamics 365.

Evo 365 Fundraising has been built for nonprofits, charities and organisations looking to manage and streamline their fundraising and donation efforts. Built on Dynamics 365, Evo 365 provides all the out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 features such as activity tracking, contact management and reporting and enhances these with pre-built functionality to allow fundraising teams to quickly and effectively use Dynamics 365 without extensive customisation. 

Evo 365 Fundraising features 

  • Trust and Grant application management – Manage trusts, grant and foundation applications with built-in workflows guiding you through the seven stages of solicitation, from identification through to stewardship, to help your team prioritise workloads, manage deadlines and fulfil requirements for better success.
  • Individual Giving/Major Donors – Track major donations from people and organisations through the seven stages to simplify management, streamline the process and ensure effective and timely communication to strengthen donations.
  • Gift Aid Management – Streamline and automate Gift Aid submissions with direct integration to HMRC to automate claims, manage and store declarations and identify untapped opportunities within your database – saving your team valuable time and increasing potential income.
  • Income & Donations Management – Track and manage income and donations against people or organisations to improve donor engagement and deliver enhanced reporting.
  • Program/Project Income Tracking – Effectively track income generated against appeals and campaigns to strengthen your insights and ensure that future focus goes into areas with most success. 

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