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Cognism Refresh- Data Clean and Enrichment


5.0 (1)

Clean, enrich and make safe for outreach, lead and contact data within Dynamics 365

Cognism is on a mission to assist customers in finding their next best business opportunity and provide actionable operational data in the privacy age. We automate your sales and marketing, taking away the pain of manual processes including data enrichment, data cleaning, data compliance (i.e. GDPR) and lead generation.

With Cognism you can analyse and refresh your data directly within your CRM environment. Do this for a single record or bulk records. Within a short workflow, your data is cross referenced against our own unique data asset of B2B data profiles resulting in the following data enhancements:

  • Enrich fields - improving the value of your lead and contact data
  • Refresh fields - improve the accuracy of your data and generate fresh verified emails
  • Identification of new opportunities – discover prospects that have moved roles or companies
  • Data compliance checks - ensure your data is safe for outreach i.e. GDPR
  • Detailed report with number of matched records and cleanliness of your data

The up-to-date data will seamlessly populate your Dynamics 365 account. We offer a free data health check. All you need to do is click the “CONTACT ME” button. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with us at:"