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Upload Dynamics Crm files to Cloud Storage Providers

Xrm.Attachment solution helps users keep Crm files organized on a 3rd Party Storage (Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive).

Users can upload their files to Remote Storages and save space on Dynamics CRM instances.

The solution will store Note (annotation) record files after the Note has been saved and the link to the file will be left under Note text.

It will also enable for Email Attachments to be sent to the Remote Storage as well leaving in that case the link under Email body.

Authentication against 3rd party storage providers is perfectly safe and secure.

Deleting the Note record deletes the file from the Cloud storage provider thus enabling two way cloud integration.

Files are organized in folders whose names are equal to the entity for which the upload took place.

Never worry about you Dynamics Crm storage again with the Xrm.Attachment! Find out more and download the solution for older Dynamics Crm versions from the link