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cc|crm politics

Cosmo Consult

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Display a visual representation of political networks in your CRM

Many companies are struggling with political games within their sales process. Politics helps these companies through visualization of the political network within the relevant entities. So your sales people know exactly with whom they are dealing with in sales process. They can participate as an active player in the political game and use it for their benefit, instead of only being a passive participant.


  • Identification of the buying center
  • Staffing of a powerful selling center as a counterpart to the buying center
  • Finding the right sales arguments for the right people (roles, motives)
  • Visualising interpersonal relationships and contacts in the company
  • Recognising official and unofficial structures and hierarchies
  • Considering decision-making structures in the sales process


  • Visualization of CRM connections in an easy and helpful way
  • Management of interpersonal relationships and contacts in the company
  • Management of sentimental influences between relationships
  • Flexible setup of influences and relations
  • Customization options to fit exactly the organization needs


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