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Crowe CRM for Wealth Management

Crowe LLP

Crowe Wealth Management helps financial advisors transform for the digital age with Dynamics 365

Crowe CRM for Wealth Management is easy-to-use and integrated with the productivity tools advisors already use – like Microsoft® Outlook, Excel, Word and LinkedIn.

Crowe Wealth Management provides a central platform for client communication, process automation and client insights. Simply put, Crowe Wealth Management helps advisors attract, retain and forge stronger client relationships.

What to Expect from Crowe Wealth Management:

  • Advisor Productivity
  • Email integration, automated follow-ups, workflows and visibility to centralized information reduces administrative overhead and increases productivity.

  • Business Process Automation
  • Automated alerts and configurable workflows help reduce the time to resolve client inquiries and facilitate more proactive communications.

  • Financial Account Management
  • View financial account information from a global or client perspective. Dashboards and reporting provide further visibility into an advisors’ book of business.

  • Increase Profitability
  • Empower advisors with insights to personalize relationships, predict client needs, and increase sales; allowing advisors to turn relationships into revenue.

  • Document Management
  • Track documents against any record and define security access controls across the firm.

  • Fast, Flexible and Easy to Deploy
  • Get up and running quickly in the Microsoft Cloud. Crowe Wealth Management’s familiar interface accelerates user adoption and your return on investment.