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DXC Justice Case Management


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DXC Justice Case Management

DXC Justice Case Management is a truly modernized and easily configurable solution that facilitates the court’s work by streamlining case management. This solution combines expert advice, process transformation, and management services to help judicial agencies modernize legacy justice case management systems and transform the way your agency works.

DXC Justice Case Management template has been preconfigured to include core justice case management features and functions. During implementation, it can be extended—through additional configuration—to meet your unique requirements.

This approach combines traditional custom development to support your specific needs with reduced risk, shortened implementation timelines and a lower price point offered by commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Additionally, system changes to introduce new features or to accommodate new laws, policies and regulations can be made through configuration. The high level of configurability offered by DXC Justice Case Management reduces this effort offering a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through sustainment.

High level features include:

Case initiation and processing

Court Calendar Scheduing


Dashboardsand Reports


Work Queues

Integration Framework

DXC Justice Case Management is the ideal platform that enables more efficient case management, document management and reporting. Point-and-click configuration tools make tailoring the solution simple. Familiarity of the application’s look and feel, and fully native integration with Microsoft’s business intelligence, collaboration/document management, and Office solutions makes user training and adoption easy.