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WORX Retail Banking for banking and financial to help customers digitally transform its operations

CRM solutions for the banking industry integrate existing core banking systems and data to deliver a complete 360° view of customers. Our distinct, purpose-built CRM solutions for retail banking, commercial banking, and wealth management help all bank team members market, sell, and service efficiently and effectively. Feature Integration Customer 360 degrees views Marketing and sales management Customer service management Customer loyalty programs Service requests applications management KYC management Loans management Banking and user defined policies and regulation management Alerts and notification management WORX ASD For E-Signature and Identity Scanning Going paperless is not an easy task. Rarely do you have the luxury of specifying and deploying entirely new customer-facing systems from end-to-end. You will likely need to integrate new applications or functionality into existing systems. This requires diligence in researching your options and careful planning. Once your organization has determined that you want the benefits of a paperless process, the next step is to choose a method of collecting both authorizations and declarations of intent. Worx Identity Scanning solution is combined of a special ID scanning devices that capable of not only capturing of information on the official IDs but also to validate the originality of such documents. Worx E-Signing is a solution to capture bio-metric handwritten signatures. This means the not only the hand written geometry of the signature is captured but also the speed and presser of the signature. These information will allow Worx E-Signing to verify a captured bio-metric handwritten signature against stored one.
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