CPQ/Contract Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365

by d365.Global Pty Ltd

Product and services contract management and financials for Dynamics 365 Sales

Overview: The Contract Management Solution is a robust platform designed to empower organizations to efficiently manage their product and services contracts throughout their lifecycle. Whether it's creating new contracts, handling renewals, adjusting quantities, generating quotes and orders, or sending reminders, this solution provides a seamless and integrated experience for sales and contract management teams.

Key Features:

  1. Contract Creation:

    • Users can easily create new contracts within the system, specifying details such as contract type, duration and associated products/services.
    • Contracts can be developed independently or following the Opportunity to Quote process and generate a Contract when won.
  2. Product and Service Catalog:

    • A comprehensive product Catalogue can be created in Dynamics with multiple price lists and discount list.
  3. Renewal Management:

    • The system automates the renewal process, sending alerts to sales representatives well in advance of contract expiration.
    • Renewal options and pricing adjustments can be easily managed and negotiated within the platform.
  4. Quantity Adjustments:

    • Users can request and process quantity adjustments for products and services as needed, ensuring flexibility in contract management.
  5. Quoting and Proposal Generation:

    • Sales teams can generate quotes and proposals directly within the system, pulling in contract details and pricing information for accuracy.
    • Quotes can be customized and sent to customers for approval.
  6. Order Generation:

    • Accepted quotes can be converted into sales orders, streamlining the transition from negotiation to fulfillment.
  7. Alerts and Reminders:

    • Automated reminders can be sent to both customers and internal stakeholders for key contract events, such as renewals and quantity adjustments.
  8. Document Management:

    • Store and manage all contract-related documents securely within the platform for easy access and reference.
  9. Analytics and Reporting:

    • Gain insights into contract performance, renewal rates, revenue forecasts, and other key metrics through built-in reporting and dashboards.
  10. Integration with CRM:

    • Seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to have a 360-degree view of customer interactions and relationships.
  11. Compliance and Governance:

    • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by enforcing standard contract terms and approval workflows.


  • Efficiency: Streamline contract processes, reducing manual data entry and administrative overhead.
  • Accuracy: Ensure accurate contract details, pricing, and quantities.
  • Revenue Growth: Improve contract renewals and upsell opportunities through proactive reminders and analytics.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhance customer relationships with timely and transparent communication.
  • Compliance: Mitigate risk and ensure compliance with standardized contract templates and workflows.
  • Data-driven Decisions: Leverage contract data to make informed business decisions and optimize revenue.

The Contract Management Solution empowers organizations to effectively manage their contracts, ultimately driving revenue growth and improving customer relationships while maintaining compliance and accuracy throughout the contract lifecycle on Dynamics 365 Sales.

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