PredictiveAddress™ Address Autocomplete and Verify

by Data8

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data8 PredictiveAddress™ delivers address autocompletion for fast and accurate address entry.

data8 PredictiveAddress™ enhances user experience by reducing the number of keystrokes to complete an address lookup as well as providing you with accurate standardised addresses. PredictiveAddress™ can also be enabled with what3words for even greater accuracy.

  • Address Autocomplete - As the user starts typing any part of their address, our AI technology instantly analyses all of our data sources to intelligently narrow down and predict the correct address in minimum keystrokes
  • International - coverage in over 250 countries.
  • Authoritative – uses official postal service and government data.
  • Fuzzy Matching - advanced fuzzy matching techniques help you find the correct address even with inaccurate input.
  • Address Validation - verifies the address is valid at point of capture, reducing the need to cleanse once in CRM.
  • Address Standardisation - ensure addresses are entered in standardised format, making finding the right record easier and improving analytics results.
  • Simple Integration - Add PredictiveAddress™ to any address fields, including custom entities, with point & click configuration - no coding required. Default configuration is supplied for all standard record types to get you started in minutes. PredictiveAddress™ can now be configured through the use of the new PowerApps Component Framework custom control.
  • what3words enabled- As soon as it detects the user is starting to enter text in what3words format (word.word.word), PredictiveAddress™ recognises this and begins matching the what3words location to a picklist list of suggested addresses within close proximity of that what3words location to enable the user to select their postal address.
  • Flexible pricing - PredictiveAddress™ can be used on a pre-paid credit basis or on an annual license according to your requirements.
  • Free Trial - Use the free trial option to get 100 lookups to experience the benefits of the solution.

Improvements seen by our clients include:

  • CRM user adoption leading to significant improvements in data quality.
  • Improved address quality leading to better data analysis, reporting and communications.

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