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Org Chart by DemandFarm

DemandFarm Inc.

Strategic Relationship Building, Enabled.

Building strategic relationships is integral for account growth and sustained revenue. It is therefore imperative that these relationships and their nuances be captured in detail to allow for review, analysis and further actions.

Org Chart by DemandFarm provides the simplest and most effective tools to enable just that!

With Org Chart, you can -

  • Drag and Drop your existing Contacts to quickly create an Org Chart.
  • Create and update Contacts on the Org Chart itself.
  • Mark your affinity to each of these Contacts on the Org Chart; these can range from Champion and Promoter to Detractor.
  • Each Contact card displays related Opportunities, associated budget, influence and affinity.
  • Leverage knowledge about relationships in Key Accounts across multiple teams.
  • Create Visual Heat Maps to take an in-depth look at relationships from a strategic standpoint.

Installation Notes

Please note that Org Chart by DemandFarm only works with MS Dynamics 365 (API V8.2) and above. Older versions of MS Dynamics CRM are not supported.

Also, to install this application, you will one of require Global Administrator, System Administrator or System Customizer access. Please refer the Installation Guide for further details.

Contact Us

If you require technical assistance with the installation, application usage or have feedback for us, please write to

To reach our sales team or for any other assistance, please write to or call us on +1 (415) 735-3143.