Dynamica SMS Integration

by Dynamica Labs

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Twilio SMS Integration with Dynamics 365

Dynamica SMS Ingegration helps businesses to communicate with their customers through one more communication channel – SMS messaging

Today Customer Service organizations tend to communicate with their customers easily and naturally. Businesses want to build trust and loyalty among their customers so they are seeking the most relevant channels of communication with them every day. Also, an efficient communication process inside the team is crucial to have fair confidence that everyone knows what happens in the company and what to do next.  

Offer Overview

Dynamica SMS Integration allows to send SMS messages directly from within Dynamics 365 and keep them in the system as SMS activities similar to email activities. The solution integrates the CRM with the third-party text messaging platform Twilio. This allows sending SMS via Twilio API from your Dynamics 365 CRM. It provides users to send text messages from within CRM to Dynamics 365 contacts, leads, accounts, or opportunities that have a mobile number associated with them. Using existing numbers or entering a number manually.

Effective Communication Capabilities

  • inform customers on order status or promotions
  • inform CRM users about new cases received or winning opportunities
  • notify your customer that their request was accepted
  • remind your team about upcoming events
  • keep the history of these activities in the CRMs system

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