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Dynamics Telephony - FREE Trial

Dynamics Telephony

Professional Inside Sales Dialer, inbound and outbound telephony, seamlessly in Dynamics CRM.

Call center agents get a single seamless interface for CRM and phone so that advanced call control functionality is right where is should be - alongside the information that is fuelling their conversation with the caller

  1. Auto-logging all phone activity in CRM
  2. Progressive dialer based on CRM Queues = 40% contact rate increase
  3. Personal autodialer
  4. Inbound CRM screen pop based on caller's phone number
  5. Click to dial from anywhere in CRM
  6. Call-back calendar tool ensures no appointment is missed
  7. Real time dashboard to monitor agents and phone activity
  8. Management dashboards for time and activity analysis
  9. All statistics stored in CRM
  10. Easy to use interface
  11. Any phone system - Avaya, Cisco, Skype for Business, TAPI, SIP, ..
  12. Embedded softphone (ans, hang-up, transfer (blind and consult), conference, hold)
  13. No server required
  14. CRM 2011 RU8 to latest.

Flexible to fit any call center: pop based on queue, DNIS, developers API, workflow triggers, inbound result codes, advanced phone number algorithm, multiple CRM instances, phone book,

Progressive dialer for teams features: auto-load items for agents, auto-dial, auto-reschedule no-answers/busies/voicemail, auto-log notes in CRM, unlimited outcomes, workflow integration, full statistics, easy campaign load (from CRM, file or web), real-time display