Sales Call Accelerator

by Dynamics Telephony

Speed up and manage sales phone calls, click-to-dial, callbacks, simple to use.

80% of successful deals require at least five follow-ups and multiple calls to close


If you are making sales calls while working in Dynamics 365 Sales, then you need Sales Call Accelerator to help you do more sales calls.

Sales Call Accelerator helps you do more calls with less effort and ensures follow-up calls are done. Sales Call Accelerator adds outbound dialing capability to Dynamics 365 Sales for fast and easy customer calling, with automatic logging of the call, and any notes, in Dynamics 365 Sales, PLUS easy setup of the follow-up call.

Sales Call Accelerator saves time and effort on every call, as well as managing the follow-up calls. It will help by automatically dialing the call for you. In addition, it will automatically log the call in the Dynamics 365 Timeline of the customer for you, along with any notes you enter. And then, if you like, it will set up a follow-up phone-call activity in Dynamics 365 to allow you keep those callback promises, or efficiently manage all the follow-up contact attempts you have to make to complete a sale successfully.

Remember, it takes at least 6 calls to close the sale. Sales Call Accelerator helps you manage all those attempts in a professional manner.


Make more sales calls - Just 3 clicks to complete a call. Click-1 dial the call flawlessly. Click-2 set a follow-up call for tomorrow. Click-3 save your notes and create the follow-up call.

Simple for users - Fits seamlessly with your current process. Call from lead, contact, account, opportunity, quote or phonecall activity. Also, your customer will see your chosen number as the calling number.

Easy notes and history - Creates a timeline of your past notes you can review before your call. The notes area is always available as you surf around Dynamics 365 Sales.

Keep callback promises, manage contact attempts - You will have the data to keep you callback promises, and prioritise general follow-ups to make the best use of your time. Data includes number of follow-up attempts and priority. See the screen snaps below of the Dynamics 365 view of your up-coming calls.

Desktop notifications - For important upcoming phonecalls, you can get desktop notification 2 minutes before the due date in the phonecall

In the office, at home, or on the road - You can use any phone or phone system for the call. You can use any device ( incl. Microsoft Teams ) & browser for the Dynamics 365 Sales: PC, MAC, Tablet or Chromebook.

Our App

This app is free always. You just pay a competitive rate for the calls you make. If you make no calls, you pay nothing. During the first 14 days after install, you get 30 free calls too. No credit card details or anything are required during this "Free Trial" period.

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