KPI&Goal Keeper

by Eigenmethod LLC

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KPI&Goal keeper - management by Goals and KPI KPI&Goal keeper - management by Goals and KPI

KPI&Goal keeper - manage your company's goals and ensure strategy execution through individual employee KPI's maps, evaluate the personal performance rate of each employee.

With KPI&Goal keeper, you can accomplish the following tasks:

• formalize and visualize the company's goals

• associate each goal with specific KPI

• decompose Goals and KPI's to specific employees

• organize Goals and KPI's in the format of individual employee KPI cards

• create monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual individual KPI maps for employees

• set weight for each KPI in individual KPI maps

• consider planned and actual KPI data

• calculate the final personal performance indicator of an employee in an individual KPI map for each period

• analyze the Goals, KPI and individual performance rate of an employee in the dashboard

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