Timesheet PowerApp

by Exigo Tech Pty Ltd

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A snappy, quick & mobile friendly PowerApp for your employees to log their time spent on a project.

A simple yet efficient PowerApp for time tracking.

The App is for the organisations which do not want to spend heavily on CRM licensing cost to manage time tracking. Using this simple app, you can manage different projects and equip your workforce to bill the client/project accurately by adding daily time entries.

This app has 3 roles:
  • Admin: Admins can setup new projects/resources and other admin related configurations.
  • Project Manager: PM can approve/reject/view time entries posted by the resource under project assigned to him/her .
  • Resource: Employees can log/view their time entries per project.
The application provides very simple user interface without adding fancy elements to load it quickly on Mobile devices.

Additionally, the App generates weekly report automatically with option to generate on demand time entry report for each project.

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