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Forecasting & Quota Management for Revenue, Sales & KPIs

Accurate Sales Forecasting and Quota Management is key to every Sales Team's success. Empower your Sales Reps and Managers with all the tools they need to forecast accurately. Free up Sales Ops time by automating roll ups & setting a strong Cadence.

Product Highlights:

  • Powerful UI ensures Sales Reps and Managers have all the information needed to make forecast decisions and make the right prediction. Automate cumbersome offline roll ups done by Sales Ops and free up their bandwidth to analyze data and drive actions
  • Predictive Insights to arrive at the right management judgement. Powerful features like maintaining versions to track forecast changes over a period of time and analyze trends. Identify Reps that are over or under committing and take corrective actions.
  • Drive MS Dynamics Adoption by leveraging this App. We offer a robust native MS Dynamics Solution to provide a clear, effective and accurate method of Sales Forecasting using Analytics and Predictive Insights
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