How2 by RapidStart CRM

by Forceworks

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A “one-click”, integrated video training solution, designed for your content.

This is our free How2 Solution available to anyone to install and use forever. It is the exact same solution that is included in all of our RapidStartCRM applications and accelerators and is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD).
How2 is designed to work with your own internal training video content. We know that once you start customizing Dynamics 365 to meet your specific needs, any existing public video training resources are no longer relevant. How2 is used to display "in-app" video channels that you have created for your users based on your own business processes.

Why use How2 by RapidStartCRM?

  • Create your own training videos, specific to how your users need to use the application(s).
  • Your video training content is available directly to your users, right from within the application.
  • Reduce or eliminate in-person training sessions, great for on-boarding new users.
  • You control the content, add/edit/change videos anytime you want, in real-time.
  • No limits on number or length of videos, create as many as you want, or that your video provider allows.
  • You control the content within your own provider environments.
  • An excellent way to increase user adoption.

What will you need?

How2 by RapidStartCRM is an "in-app" display tool. There is no video content included. To make us of this tool, you will need to create your own video training content for your users. Your training videos will need to be uploaded online and associated with channel/playlist which will be displayed in How2. There are several tools available for creating videos, Camtasia is one that we have used with great success. You can also convert PowerPoint presentations into videos, and there are many other video creation tools available.

Microsoft Stream

While How2 by RapidStartCRM will work with any embedded video source, it works best with Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Stream is included with your Office 365 subscription and allows for easy creation of video "Channels". Another advantage of Microsoft Stream is that content is only available to your users, there is no way that it could become public. This can also be accomplished with other platforms but requires some configuration. Microsoft Stream works perfectly without any configuration, other than creating a channel and uploading videos to it.


How2 by RapidStartCRM is absolutely free.


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