RapidStart Industry Codes Addon

by Forceworks

SIC and NAICS Industry Codes for Accounts Addon for RapidStartCRM

Note: This solution is an addon to RapidStartCRM. RapidStartCRM must be installed before this addon can be installed. You can find RapidStartCRM here on AppSource.

The RapidStartCRM Industry Codes Addon brings SIC and NAICS Codes to your RapidStartCRM.

This free utility solution adds two columns to the Details tab of your RapidStartCRM Account forms. One for SIC Codes, with over 1,000 4-digit codes, and one for NAICS Codes with over 1,200 codes.

SIC and NAICS are the two leading Industry Classification Code registrars.

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RapidStartCRM Information

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