Schedule Work Orders


A planning scheduling tool to track work orders for staff, contacts or vendors (hours & equipment).

Schedule Work Orders (WO) is a work planning & scheduling tool.
    • You can create schedules for teams.
    • Teams consist of 'schedulable' Staff (users), outside Contacts, and/or Vendors (specific Accounts).
    • You may drag & drop new work orders to any 'schedulable' entity by date.
    • Plan equipment/ tools/ vehicles for the WO.
    • Assign qualifications required for the work and match to the qualifications tracked for schedulable staff, contacts or vendors.
      • As you drag a work order over the calendar the appropriate qualification matching rows (staff, contacts) use color to indicate the match.
    • A work order may require multiple people. Split or share work across staff or contacts.
    • You may track estimated hours and actual hours by person (or schedulable entity).
Equipment is hierarchical and can be a Location, System, Position or Asset. Track work at any level.
Scheduling is currently done at a 'day' level. There is no provision for tracking specific time intervals. That is on the product backlog.
Our ideal client assigns multiple work orders to a staff person on a date and is not concerned with planning when each is to be started.
Schedule Work Orders is like an Accelerator application. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions.
Note: You must have the (Microsoft Corp - Power CAT) Creator Kit (Core) installed in your environment before installing Schedule Work Orders. You can install it from AppSource at this link:

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