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FPX CPQ for Sales Acceleration in Manufacturing


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Build your business case & calculate ROI using our CPQ application!

FPX’s Virtual Business Case Generator (available here: ) assesses the current pricing and quoting abilities of an organization, including the efficiency and accuracy that their current system provides, and combines that information with future business goals to identify opportunities and areas of improvement. After filling out the questionnaire, stakeholders can use it as a source document to justify upgrading their CPQ solution.

More than an ROI calculator, this is the CPQ industry’s first self-service application allowing businesses to build an in-depth, personalized business case for a CPQ project. Additionally, when you configure your business case, this tool is built on FPX’s CPQ so you have an opportunity to experience the power of our solution.

Click here: to easily engage in five steps to assess your current pricing and quoting capabilities and uncover areas where you can improve processes and drive increased revenue.

At FPX, we’ve taken CPQ beyond a sales and quoting tool and introduced a solution that delivers omnichannel selling and buying capabilities at the enterprise level. Built on Microsoft Azure and integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365, FPX plugs and plays with existing Microsoft technologies to bridge the front and back office.

Key Capabilities

  • Speed the quoting process from days to minutes
  • Provide data-driven recommendations for cross/upsell to maximize deals
  • Consistently delivers CPQ capabilities on any device (mobile and offline) across all buying and selling channels
  • Aligns multi-channel sales strategies with the expectations of today’s buyers
  • Pick up existing assets for easier quoting
  • Manage multiple pricing strategies dynamically
  • Implement advanced workflow and automate approvals for discounting and deal management
  • Introduce pricing analytics for quicker close
  • Provide personalized proposal documentation for each customer
  • Pass BOM, contract and other information to downstream systems
  • Offers pre-built integrations enabling faster, more seamless implementations
  • Shorten Spec-to-Delivery time cycle

Key Business Benefits

  • 100% order accuracy, material decrease in concessions/write-offs
  • Increase contribution margin bps by 50-70 points on average
  • Grow new customer acquisitions by increasing quote production, decrease time to quote, and enabling customer self-service
  • Upsell and cross-sell based on actual transactional data
  • Reduce time-to-market with seamless product introductions
  • Reduce IT footprint by retiring legacy systems and reduce dependency to scale
  • Improve win/loss ratio with automated workflow during approval processes and improve responsiveness