Hearsay Dynamics 365 Connector

Hearsay Systems

Looking to automatically capture 10-15x client engagement data?

Dynamics 365 allows instant access to the information financial advisors need to deliver personalized advice that earns lasting loyalty. But that information is only valuable when you have a complete picture of client activities. Hearsay integrates with Dynamics 365 to instantly and seamlessly capture all your advisors’ client engagements in a single, complete system of record.

The Hearsay Dynamics 365 Connector dramatically increases financial services firms' field’s CRM adoption, accelerates advisor productivity and improves the overall customer experience. With data flowing seamlessly into and out of Dynamics 365 (or Dynamics 365 for Sales) via the connector, corporate (“home office”) sales and marketing teams quickly acquire a deeper understanding of their advisor’s client engagement activities. The insights gleaned from this real-time, quality data allow for the creation of more targeted and successful customer and advisor experiences and programs. And with an increase of 10-15x the quality data captured in Dynamics 365, the value and utility of your CRM increases too.

Hearsay is used by more than 150,000 advisors and agents at the world’s largest financial services and insurance firms.

  • See a 10-15x increase in quality data captured in Dynamics 365. More data = better insights for results.
  • Get the complete picture. Instantly capture and sync field-level activities and interactions from Social, Sites, Messaging and Voice within Dynamics 365.
  • Provide advisors with automated, intelligent “Next Best Actions” prompts to guide their client and prospect follow-up, for a higher likelihood of booked revenue.
  • Use insights into advisors’ response time, the frequency of touch, and relevance of specific digital channels across the client lifecycle to develop stronger business practices, like intelligent SLAs for your field.
  • Enrich client outreach efforts across your business when you simultaneously sync with other core systems (Dynamics, Marketing Clouds, and any Data and Analytics platforms).

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