DaIM Energie

by Indevo GmbH

DaIM Energy contains specific extensions for your energy management system according to ISO 50001

Note - DaIM Energie/Energy is an integral part of the modular DaIM solutions for management systems quality, environment, information security, occupational health and safety, energy and sustainability.

The use of renewable energies on the one hand and the increase of energy efficiency on the other hand are two ways that serve the same goal. The reduction of energy costs is meanwhile not only a question of ecological motivation, but economic necessity.

Testdrive - You can test all DaIM functions and modules in the preferred DaIM overall solution in the appsource!

DaIM Energy contains specific extensions for your energy management system according to ISO 50001 or other implemented energy standards. The PDCA core components of DaIM as well as all known functions of the high level structure are also integrated.

Specific functions in energy management systems

  • Carbon Management - DaIM Energy provides functions for balancing the allocation units for certificate trading. For this, DaIM uses the unique DaIM balancing group approach. For CO2 management, their contribution to climate protection is quantified and the financial expenses are evaluated according to BEHG or TEHG.
  • Energy invoicing - The central recording of energy-relevant invoices and the direct link to the document repository ensure smooth traceability in audits. DaIM fulfills all requirements for verification according to the Peak Compensation Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV) and the Special Compensation Scheme (BAFA). In DaIM, all information can be recorded on energy invoices and in a user-friendly manner via AI algorithms for form recognition - fully automatically.
  • Energy Sources - DaIM Energy, all energy carriers and influencing factors used are recorded on a site-specific basis and harmonized with their conversion factors to comparable units.
  • Action plan - In the action plan, all projects and ideas are documented in a standard-compliant manner. All requirements for standard-compliant verification and effectiveness control for theoretical and realized savings according to ISO 50006 & 50015 are integrated.
  • EnPI - In the absence of evidence of improvement in energy-related performance, there is a risk of discrepancies in the audit. The correct interpretation of the standard requirements and the handling of energy performance indicators are central components in DaIM. Significant consumption variations in EnPIs are detected and made visible in interactive dashboards and visuals.
  • SEU - Establishing and evaluating a facility [asset management] as a major user (SEU) is a core requirement of ISO 50001. DaIM supports the complete process of defining energy models, establishing baselines, monitoring consumption levels and demonstrating energy efficiency improvements.


  • Visualization - Drill down of energy data in freely definable temporal resolution and display in all common visuals
  • Set up early warning - Freely definable intervention limits of specific KPIs automatically generate notifications to employees and enable proactive control
  • Integrate any measurement data - DaIM connector integrates data from process and building control systems
  • More than just energy reports - Dynamically create report formats depending on data availability over time across all EnPIs

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