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Attach2Dynamics - CRM Attachments on Cloud Storage


Attach2Dynamics is document management solution to integrate Dynamics 365 with Dropbox & SharePoint

Attach2Dynamics is a productivity add-on that helps seamless integration of Dynamics CRM with cloud storage like SharePoint and Dropbox for document management needs. Intuitive and easy to use UI enables common file management actions like upload, download, create folders, rename folders, attach files to emails a breeze from right within Dynamics 365 without having to navigate to the cloud storage application. Manage your storage space by automatically moving attachments uploaded to CRM to cloud storage.

Attach2Dynamics provides document management for all entities within Dynamics 365 CRM. Available for all deployment models beginning CRM 2016


  • File Management: Seamless integrated interface to easily upload/download files and folders from right within Dynamics 365 forms.
  • Drag and Drop Files or Folders: Intuitive UI with the ability to drag and drop files and folders to upload them to Dropbox or SharePoint.
  • Generate Link: Ability to generate hyperlink to the files and folders to be able to share them with others.
  • Folder Structure: Honors the native file structure declared for SharePoint in Dynamics 365 and ability to define Record level folders in cloud storage.
  • Search: Search for files in the current and child folders to easily find a specific file.
  • Email: Directly attach files from cloud storage to a CRM email
  • Move Notes and Email Attachments: Configure notes and attachments to be moved to cloud storage and reduce storage space in Dynamics 365