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Export Dynamics 365 CRM Reports/Word/Excel Templates in single click with Click2Export

Export Dynamics 365 Report/Word/Excel Templates and attach the exported file(s) to an email and auto send Email with the attachment(s), or, attach as a note, upload to SharePoint or just download for offline consumption. Reports can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF, CSV or TIFF format. Word Templates can be exported in PDF or MS Word format and Excel Templates can be exported to Excel. Automate the process of exporting Reports/Word Templates with Workflow. Also, schedule and automate the export of Report/Word/Excel Templates.

It is available at annual subscription for Dynamics CRM 2013 and above including Dynamics 365 v9.


  • Multiple File Formats Supported: Dynamics 365 CRM Reports can be exported to PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, CSV, and TIFF format. Word Templates can be exported to PDF or MS Word format and Excel Templates can be exported to Excel format.
  • Improves Productivity: The exported report can be automatically attached to an email and sent to the required user with the help of Auto Send Email option.
  • Store as attachments: The exported report can also be attached as a Note to respective Dynamics 365 CRM record, uploaded to SharePoint or can be downloaded.
  • Configurable Templates: Easily configure the reports, filter criteria and parameters for exporting.
  • Bulk Export: Support for bulk exporting of reports for multiple records simultaneously. You can export the report as per each record, or in assembly.
  • Report Types: Reports designed using Fetch XML queries is supported. Both Individual/Organizational report/word templates can be exported.
  • Automate Exporting with WorkFlow: Automate the exporting process for Dynamics 365 Reports/Word Templates with required action to be performed on the selected record using Workflow.
  • Schedule Reports: Set schedule to export and email Reports/Word/Excel Templates as attachments at regular intervals.