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Maplytics™ - Bing Maps Integration

Maplytics is a mapping solution to provide radius search, routing, heat maps, dashboards etc

Maplytics ™ is one of the most comprehensive multi-lingual CfMD (Certified for Dynamics) mapping solution for Dynamics CRM users. The Geo-Analytical tool integrates Dynamics CRM with Bing Maps to provide detailed location-based analysis and routing capabilities. Maplytics supports all Dynamics CRM deployment models for Dynamics CRM 2011 and above as well as native Dynamics CRM Mobile and Tablet Apps


  • Map Your Data: Plot and Color Code Leads, Accounts, Opportunity or Custom Entity based on categories
  • Radius Search: Search based on a location within a given radius or regular/Irregular Geometrical shapes
  • Appointment Planner: Planning and Saving Routes for Salesperson schedule
  • Route Optimization: Direction and Optimized Routes for Sales visit along with nearby prominent places like Hotels, Airports, Parking, Parks, Coffee Shops
  • Marketing Management: Search and Save location wise Marketing List to be utilized for promotions, marketing activities and event organizations
  • Heat Map: Powerful Business insights based on Visualization of location data and heat maps
  • Territory Management: Assign, Reassign and plan for Salesperson territory
  • Mobility: Use CRM Mobile Apps and ability to use driving direction for the routes.