Field Service Pro Solution

by LTIMindtree Limited

Enhanced D365 Field Service to give a provide a comprehensive experience

LTIMindtree Field Service Pro is solution for the Manufacturing Industry that is built on top of D365 Field Service to provide a better experience to Field service schedulers, admins, agents and back office staff.

Business challenges, Features and Benefits

1. Lack of streamlined Contract management resulting in increased overall operational effort. LTIMindtree Field Service Pro helps track all entitlements for the contract at one place and provide timely reminders for renewals .

2. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling feature helps to schedule timely servicing of customer’s assets. This could avoid lapses and increases team’s productivity

3. The ability to accept/reject assignments in a timely manner greatly assists Schedulers in their allocations. This helps clear communication between agents and Schedulers and avoids last minute hassles.

4. Lack of visibility into additional inventory consumption in servicing disrupts inventory planning and management. LTIMindtree Field Service Pro facilitates control over this process by defining an approval based flow.

5. Captures delays and additional expenses during Work Order servicing that helps in effective planning, scheduling and evaluating agent performance.

6. Warranty validation feature helps agents to decide on applicability of warranty on customer assets.

At a glance