MazikCare EMR Data Connector

by Mazik Global Inc.

Transforming EMR Data to Actionable Records in Dynamics 365 with Azure Functions.

Empower Providers and Patients with an Integrated Records and Data Healthcare Ecosystem. Improves patient care and outcomes with optimized data transfer through integrating EMR and health technology solutions. Developed by healthcare and technology experts, Medic Connect equips providers with the tools to better manage their practice and records through seamless data integration from multiple sources.

Provider benefits:

  • Improves efficiency across the healthcare system and medical services
  • Enables optimized data exchange between health departments and clinical care providers
  • Improves staff and organizational productivity
  • Reduces cost of care and administrative services
  • Enables better decision-making with improved access to data

Patient Benefits:
  • Safeguards patient data and ensures consistency
  • Improves the quality of care and patient experience
  • Reduces medical errors due to access of consistent information
  • Promotes personal autonomy in healthcare

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