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Mazik Global Inc.

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A secure, scalable IoT solution built on Dynamics 365 to manage, monitor, and track operations.

Predictive Maintenance
Stop wasting your data. Store and archive both historical and new machine data to perform artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics on Big Data in real-time with custom dashboards. Identify the data-point series that indicate your multi-million-dollar machine is about to break down to prevent downtime, additional costs and long-term damage.
Telematics & Safety
Remotely monitor machines, view online and offline machine displays, patch and configure devices and gateways, gather data, and provide alert mechanisms based on anomaly detection. Use machine performance insights to optimize design and engineering processes for continuous product improvement. Manage your relationships with your customers and their machines. Minimize machine downtimes, increase equipment lifetimes and improve productivity to reduce costs and increase overall revenue.
Connected Field Service
Empower your organization to deliver predictive and proactive service to improve customer satisfaction, first-time fix rates, and resource productivity through automation and advanced scheduling, resource optimization, and mobile enablement capabilities. Reduce customer complaints, minimalize operational inefficiencies, and plan field service efficiently.