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Dynamics 365 Data Tagging & Obfuscation

Microsoft Labs

A tool is to perform data tagging and Obfuscation for the selected entities in CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides several tools for managing data. This tool is used for data tagging and obfuscation, It look for all available entities in CRM and Obfuscate entity fields based on tagging at Azure Data Catalog and configured in CRM. By using Azure Data Catalog tagging, Organaization can associate keywords with an asset or a column, which in turn makes it easier to discover the asset via searching or browsing. By using the Data Catalog business glossary, an organization can document key business terms and their definitions to create a common business vocabulary. This governance enables consistency in data usage across the organization. After a term is defined in the business glossary, it can be assigned to a data asset in the catalog