Checklists for D365

by MiiiA Pty Ltd

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The ultimate to-do & checklist functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance your business processes with multi-function Checklists. Users try to achieve this with standard text fields, but it’s messy and inaccurate. Make life simple again!

What are Checklists and how do they work?

  • Checklists are a collection of to-do items or steps in a process
  • Users can manage checklist items on the fly, and use templated lists
  • Businesses can create templates with enforced items
  • Deliver templates via workflow for full automation
  • Supports any system or custom entities

Once Installed Remember To Register Your D365 Add-On!

For instructions on how to register your add-on, check out the "How To Register" PDF link below.

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