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MISSION: Auto Number


Effortlessly generate unique and meaningful identifiers which reference fields in Dynamics 365

What is MISSION: Auto Number?

Instead of generating just a random number, why not create a meaningful one? With MISSION: Auto Number you can its the first and only solution which enables you to effortlessly generate unique and meaningful identifiers for Dynamics 365.

Need to reference the last name field in your identifier, want to include a date and ensure your identifiers are all uppercase, no problem! With MISSION: Auto Number you can create unique identifiers capable of supporting the naming conventions of your organization, without the need for custom code

MISSION: Auto Number provides the following features:

  • Choose your date format

    Implement your choice of multiple North American and European style date formats.
  • Effortlessly generate IDs

    Generate unique incremental identifiers and multiple identifiers for a single entity.
  • Set Triggers

    Trigger the identifier on create, update or even upon status change of a record.
  • Follow GP, NAV or AX

    To ensure continuity across your organization, MISSION: Auto Number allows you to follow your pre-existing conventions in GP, NAV or AX.
  • Generate meaningful identifiers

    Reference and include other fields in your identifier to generate meaningful identifiers.
  • Reference attributes in related entities

    MISSION: Auto Number allows users to reference attributes located in related entities. Simply specify the lookup that holds the relationship and the attribute in that entiity and you can use that value in your Auto Number routine.
  • Reference any field including lookups

    Reference text fields and option set fields. And reference any currency, whole number or decimal number fields.