SmartBar: Effective navigation and record count

by ( PTM EDV Systeme )

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Simplify the navigation in Dynamics 365 and facilitate the completion of common tasks!

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It's all about productivity. Our solution enables you to place both, navigational and functional buttons on Dynamics 365 forms to simplify common tasks for Dynamics 365 users and draw their attention to important assignments.

How does it work? Configurable views allow you to display critical information like "open cases" or "opportunities over 10K". A number next to the “button” shows the number of related records per entity. Color-coding helps you hide buttons or change the color of buttons based on defined count ranges.

Have a look at the capabilities of SmartBar at a glance:

  • Smart navigation between related Dynamics 365 records (Simple back & forth navigation)
  • Configurable views: Display critical information like “open Cases” or “opportunities over 10K”
  • Numbers next to the button indicate the number of related records per entity (e.g. the number of quotes, orders, etc. related to the opened record is counted)
  • Color-coding: Hide buttons or change button color based on defined count ranges

  • Drag & drop functionality enables users to change the order of the buttons
  • Display SmartBar in Standard or Metro Style, a vertical/horizontal order and various colors
  • Create custom buttons (JavaScript Function, Links, Views, Entity/SiteMap, Scroll to section)
  • Fully customizable look & feel: Embedded into any entity or dashboard (personal menus)
  • Show/Hide buttons based on count or field values

At a glance