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Power Search: A Simple Advanced Find

Combining the simplicity of the Dynamics 365 search with the capabilities of the Advanced Find!

Finding records in Dynamics 365 needs to be simple and intuitive! PowerSearch combines the simplicity of the native Search with the rich capabilities of an Advanced Find!

Save tons of time by pre-defining frequent search queries. There is no need to repeatedly insert every single search parameter anymore. Our powerful add-on allows its users to preconfigure most common search tasks and fields.

Furthermore, search results and related records can be opened directly from the result window. They can, as well, be opened in a Dynamics 365 Grid providing extended Dynamics 365 features like Export to Excel or executing a workflow. Also, the creation of complex, yet easy to use advanced searches in multiple columns is only a question of a few clicks.

Have a look at the capabilities of PowerSearch at a glance:

  • Combine the benefits of Advanced Find and simple Dynamics 365 search!
  • Open results in Dynamics 365 grid (supporting export of records, run workflow etc.)
  • Complex Search queries in multiple fields
  • Support of “and/or” keywords as search input
  • Use existing views to define search results
  • Global and user-specific search configurations possible
  • Configurable Result Preview
  • With a click on the main entity you get a preview on related entities
  • Advanced Query: Import complex fetch statements