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Simplify User Security Role and Team assignment through Access Templates by Nemely.

Do you have a complex security model in your CRM system and having difficulty keeping track of which security roles and teams to assign to different user types?

We have a solution for you! Use Access Templates from Nemely to streamline management and maintenance of user access and never give the wrong access to a user again.

Many implementers of Dynamics 365 promote a layered approach to security roles and security management to adhere to complex business needs of the organization. Rather than maintaining security roles per job title, the common approach is to set up a base role with the minimum required privileges that all users share. On top of that, users that should enjoy higher privileges will be given additional additive roles for each of the functions they should be able to perform, for example Export to Excel, Import Data, Delete Data or Create Reports. This way of setting up the security model gives a lot of flexibility, but it can also make it difficult to remember what roles a certain type of users should have.

If the organization uses teams to give access to certain data, the situation can become even more complex.

This is the reason we have created Access Templates. The Access Templates solution from Nemely allows the administrator to create a set of Access Templates that contain security roles and teams that should be applied to every user of a certain type. It provides the administrator or super user in the organization with the following benefits:

  • Use the layered approach of the security model while maintaining ease of administration.
  • Set up reusable templates for the different user categories in the company that can be easily changed and reapplied to all users with the click of a button.
  • Keep organization specific naming of the different user types, without having to maintain multiple similar security roles.
  • If a user changes business unit, the security roles of the Access Template will be automatically reassigned to the user.
  • User management is fully supported in UCI.

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