ITRAK 365 Safety Compliance for Power Platform


ITRAK 365 Safety & Operational Compliance including: Incident, Inspection, Hazard ID, Safety Mtg

ITRAK 365 is a Safety and Operations management solution built using the best of Microsoft cloud technology.  Leveraging the power of three cloud technologies, Dynamics (Power Platform), Azure and Microsoft Teams – ITRAK 365 brings unparalleled capabilities for connecting “digitally isolated first line workers” into your core-organizational process flows.  Highly adaptable and supported by a diverse community of industry professionals, ITRAK 365 brings efficiency, portability and unique data insights into the activities of your first line workers.  ITRAK 365 Process Flow Examples:



    • Permitting
    • Lock-out / Tag-Out
    • Operational Audits & Inspections
    • Capital Management
    • Management of Change
    • Sampling


    • Incident Management
    • Safety Audits & Inspections
    • Hazard Identification / Observation
    • Corrective Actions
    • Risk Assessments
    • Causal Analysis
    • Return to Work