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CRM GRID PLUS - Change your Dynamics CRM grid to new look and feel

Dynamics CRM grid and problems

Working with Dynamics CRM, you see grid everywhere
  • Grid on dashboard
  • Grid on main list of entity
  • Grid on form
  • Associated grid
  • Grid on the advanced find
  • Grid on the lookup window
By default, you can
  • Add/Remove columns
  • Change the order of column
  • Sort columns (Column A then by Column B)
  • Change column width (with a collection re-define width: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 pixels)
But you want more
  • Change text header and format
  • Change column width (without use re-define). E.g: 555 pixel
  • Format column with your define. E.g.: force color, back color, align, ...
  • Condition format row (like Excel). E.g.: format: text bold, italic, force color, back color, ...
  • Border cell on grid
  • Add icon to column (Dynamics 365 only)
  • More than 2 columns sort order

CRM GRID PLUS resolve all these problems above