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PowerObjects An HCL Company

Build and track trivia games for Contacts and Leads within CRM.

PowerTrivia is a free add-on that allows users to harness their PowerSurveyPlus, PowerSMS and PowerWebForm subscriptions to create and track SMS trivia games within CRM. PowerTrivia allows users to capture lead information, learn more about Contact and Leads via their survey answers, and provide commands and responses to provide interaction with players.


  • Engage your clientele through SMS messages in a fun and interactive way
  • Create custom messages for events like perfect score, incorrect questions, or even if the game has not yet started.
  • Game scheduling allows users to set game play hours, which is great for events such as conferences, expos, or contest windows

Subcriptions to the following PowerPacks are required:

  • PowerSMS
  • PowerSurveyPlus
  • PowerWebForm
  • Free PowerBitly tool