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Integrate your CRM with third-party text messaging platforms.

With PowerObjects' PowerSMS add-on it's possible! PowerSMS integrates the power of CRM with the third party text messaging platforms CallFire and Twilio, allowing users to send and receive text messages right from within their Dynamics CRM system to contacts, leads or any custom entity that has a mobile number associated to it.

Send text messages:

  • Manually through an SMS activity
  • To marketing lists
  • In bulk to a list of CRM records
  • Through workflow processes

Use text messages to:

  • Remind someone of an upcoming service appointment
  • Let someone know you have received their inquiry
  • Notify someone that their case is closed

Utilize CRM workflows to:

  • Automatically send a text message when a case is created or closed
  • Automatically notify an account rep or someone in your organization when a record in CRM is assigned to them

Don’t Forget To Register Your Add-On!

Once the PowerPack add-on is imported into your CRM, make sure to register it! For instructions on how to register your PowerPack Add-on, check out the FAQ in the Learn Moresection below.

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