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PowerObjects An HCL Company

Easily create drip campaigns within your CRM.

Ever wish you could put your marketing PowerPack Add-Ons on auto-pilot? With PowerNurture, PowerPack subscribers can create campaigns to automate communication and actions based on the Contact or Lead's action (or inaction)!

Combine wait, check, and action steps throughout the campaign to drive the recipient to action. If the recipient doesn't interact with the communication, the campaign will branch allowing users to take other actions such as creating a phone call task or running workflows.


  • Intuitive drag and drop designer
  • Works in tandem with other PowerPack add-ons for marketing automation by PowerObjects, such as PowerEmail, PowerMailChimp, PowerSurveyPlus, PowerWebForm, and more.
  • Combine "wait," "check," and "action" steps throughout the campaign.
  • A simple visual representation of branching paths that make it easy to build out drip campaigns. No coding is necessary to use the tool.