by PowerObjects An HCL Company

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Build, configure, and send surveys from within CRM.

With PowerObjects' surveying solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can easily build robust surveys right from within their CRM system and send them directly to their Account, Contact, and Lead records. Once a survey recipient has filled out the survey, PowerSurveyPlus creates a survey activity in CRM regarding the recipient with the answers that were given during the survey.


  • Robust HTML survey designer with drag and drop capabilities
  • Customize multiple page survey
  • Expression logic, which allows certain sections of a survey to appear or be hidden based on a previous response
  • Survey Activities tracked directly back to CRM and the respondent's corresponding record
  • Ability to conduct anonymous surveys
  • Ability to conduct phone surveys and record responses on the fly under the record
  • Ability to set up automated processes to trigger the sending of surveys ability to reporting off of individual responses

Don't Forget To Register Your Add-On!

Once the PowerPack add-on is imported into your CRM, make sure to register it! For instructions on how to register your PowerPack Add-on, check out the FAQ in the Learn More section below.

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