Customer Service for Assurance

Pragmasys Consulting

Master Data Driven Customer Service Workflow Automation Solution for Assurance

Why PragmAssurance?
Insurance companies require a customer-centric organization that foster stronger relationships along with productivity enhancement. By equipping agents, brokers, sellers and service representative with a single 360-degree view of customer information combined, with real-time analytics and process automation, PragmAssurance helps insurance companies’ build & develop relationships with each customer.

How PragmAssurance helps?
1. Centralized Policy Holder Information and Improved Operational Efficiency
PragmAssurance helps by creating a central repository for policyholders, optimize data inputs and simplify the process of finding information for agents, staff and brokers. Your staff and agents role-based access to customer history, preferences, key relationships, profitability, and support records, help them to improve productivity.
2. Customer 360 and Policy 360
PragmAssurance provides a 360 degree view of the customer, claims management, policy renewals and activity management. Agents get a holistic view of a customer relationship including interactions, such as phone calls, emails, meetings and other activities. Service representatives can view Active and Expired Policies for a customer with deductibles, premiums and expiration / renewal dates. The 360 buckets hold general information, relationships, households, current policies, premiums, open claims, alerts, accounting balance, and more….
3. Workflow Automation
Implementation of PragmaAssurance leads to automation of paper based processes, simplified policy applications, streamlined approvals underwriting in addition to policy issuing and claims processing with guided dialogs and alerts.
4. Integration framework and capabilities with Insurance Policy systems
It is built on industry standards resulting in seamless integration with your existing policy systems: Integrating data from underwriting, policy administration, and claims systems into a composite view, providing users with a holistic view to better manage relationships. The system can also integrated with your existing policy premium calculator hence reducing data in multiple systems. It also integrates with insurance compliance management systems for regulatory obedience.
5. Improved Claims Management
Differentiate yourself from other insurance brokerages by recording claims from customers, and track from claim report to final status of a claim. Record information about payout dates and any payments in claim handling system. Ability to see claim history at any point for your customer base.
6. Manage Policy Lifecycle
The solution helps in managing the complete lifecycle of policy and policyholders – From being created to, active, suspended, being cancelled, cancelled.

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